There is Always Light

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   Order of Worship

          Let us be as open vessels that God’s spirit may enter.

The Community Gathers:  Experience God’s presence in the assembly. Please greet one another with joy and welcome new friends into our community of love.

              You are welcome here…come and worship!

Focus:  “World peace must develop from inner peace. Peace is not just mere absence of violence. Peace is, I think, the manifestation of human compassion.”                                   ― Dalai Lama XIV

Gathering Music:  Here Comes The Sun (by George Harrison) 

                                                                                  -Chris Humphrey  


Responsive Call to Worship
Leader: Quiet your mind, still your restlessness. Come before God.
People: Like a bird that lights on a branch, we come to 

the pause of God.
Leader: Warm your heart, stir up your spirit. Come before God.
People: Like flame dancing on a candle’s wick, we come 

to the dance of God.
Leader: Open your hands, meet the eyes of your neighbors.
Come before God.
People: Like rustling leaves blowing in autumn wind,
bright with color, deep when gathered, we fall into 

the presence of God.

Opening Hymn:  An Autumn Morning Has Broken

Invocation Unison: An Autumn Prayer

O God of Creation, you have blessed us with the 
changing of the seasons.  As we embrace these autumn months, May the earlier setting of the sun
Remind us to take time to rest. 

May the crunch of the leaves beneath our feet
Remind us of the brevity of this earthly life. 
May the steam of our breath in the cool air remind us that it is You who give us your breath of life. May the scurrying of the squirrels and the migration of the birds remind us that You call us to follow your path.  We praise you for your goodness forever and ever.   Amen.

Lord’s Prayer:                      

Awakening:  Happiness (from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown)  -Chris Humphrey

Readings:  Isaiah 40:1-5, 11-12, 28-31; A Litany for Peace

Sermon:  There is Always Light                            Rev. Paula Norbert

Meditative Instrumental:                                          ~ Chris Humphrey

Musical call to Prayer:  Hush now in quiet peace, be still your mind at ease. The Spirit brings release, so wait upon the Lord. (two times)

                           Prayers of the People 

           Silent Prayers Pastoral Prayer

Offertory: Simple Gifts (by Elder Joseph Brackett)                 -Chris Humphrey

Doxology: Praise God whom all blessings flow,Praise God all creatures here below. Praise God above ye heavenly hosts, Creator, Christ and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Closing Hymn:    It Is Well With My Soul            #840   vs. 1 & 4                                     


May the Lord bless you and keep you,  May the love of God shine upon

you and be gracious to you.  May you live in peace, and the God of love and peace will be with you.  Amen.                                                                        

Recessional: Go in Peace

Go in peace and the peace of God be with you this day.
Go in peace and the peace of God be with you always.
Celebrate and share the joy. Celebrate new life.
Go in peace and the peace of God be with you always.
With great thanks to our guest musician today, Chris Humphrey.


A special Gathering:  Join us on Friday evening, October 27th  from 4-7pm at the home of Paul Schlaver for a special outdoor gathering to socialize, enjoy some refreshments and connect around the fire.  Sign up in the Church entry or contact Paul directly.  317 Ferry Rd, Saco, Maine. You may also reach out to Pastor Paula for more info.

Harvest Decorations for Church: You are invited to bring some fall decor to add to the beauty of our Sanctuary in this season of autumn. 

Pastor’s Schedule: Paula will be off next week, M-F but available for important Pastoral concerns.  She will be here next Sunday at Worship.

                               For Your Reflection…

Matthew 5:9 ~ Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

John 14:27 ~ Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” ― Mahatma Gandhi