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Peace and presence
by the sea…

Union Church is a warm and welcoming community of faith. As a historic church in Biddeford Pool, we are an interdenominational Christian church that welcomes those who wish to journey with us as we seek to receive and follow God’s sacred spirit and the ethical teachings of Jesus Christ. We are a dynamic, engaged, active, and progressive community of faith committed to sharing the love and compassion of God with one another and our wider community. We share a deep commitment to social justice, as we seek to be a community that cares about the social issues of our day and seeks to grow in faith and wisdom. We are open and affirming of all our brothers and sisters and learn from the teachings of many faiths and prophetic voices from the past and present.

We follow the teaching of Jesus to love God, neighbor, and self. We have reverence for our planet Earth and all living creatures. We are a worshipping community that gathers to give thanks and to celebrate the Holy Presence of God in all things. We take seriously our stewardship of this beautiful planet.


Welcome to Union Church

– In Person Worship will return on Sunday, June 13th.   We ask those interested to register in advance, let us know if you have been vaccinated, and please wear a mask.

-The Service will be offered via Zoom as well.

-Please contact our Pastor, Rev. Paula Norbert, if you would like to reserve a space or if you would like our Zoom link for weekly Worship. 


We hope you have a wonderful, safe, and healthy summer.

                     All are Welcome Here!

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