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Union Church
3 Stonecliff Road
Biddeford Pool, ME 04006

Donations in support of Union Church are always welcome and may be sent to:

P.O. Box 344 
Biddeford Pool, ME 04006

Phone: (207) 282-4172

Union Church Leadership Team

Pastor: Rev. Paula Norbert
Moderator: Paul Schlaver
Clerk: Doug McCrae
Treasurer: Debbie Lamb
Community Outreach Committee: Katherine Blaxter, Chair; Denise Kinney, Debbie Lamb, Amy LaBelle, Heather Davis, Nancy Bancroft
Deacons: Beth Baskin, Chair; Nancy Batchelor, Ardis Chretien, Judy Fenlason, Caryn Firebaugh, Katie Koles

John Comeau, Chair; Don Chretien, and Rob Harriman
Finance: Peter McPheeters, Chair, Debbie Lamb, Doug Firebaugh, Brad Coupe, Ada Goff, and John Comeau
Promotions Persons: Anita Coupe and Sharon Gaudin
Music Director: Michelle Currie
Choir Director: Patricia Mulholland
Musical Team: Jen and John Comeau, Ada Goff, Chris Humphrey, Neal Zweig and Cheryl Sager
oug McCrae

Those wishing to join the Union Church or to meet with the pastor may speak with Rev. Paula after worship, call her at 207-205-4951, or contact her using the form above.