Pentecost Sunday 2022

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What Is It in That Sweet Voice Inside That Incites You To Fear?

                                                                                                          By Rev. Dr. Nancy Parent Bancroft

On Pentecost, they were all in one place

The fear and anxiety were clear on their face

We know what that’s like we have fears of our own

And in these past years they likely have grown

Fear keeps us frozen and robs us of strength

We avoid taking risks just of any length.

What will people think and what will people say,

Can cause us to worry by night and by day.

Fear can cause us misery; Fear can hold us back.

Instead if using what we’ve got we think of what we lack.

Peter failed when he was tested

His fear overtook him when Jesus was arrested.

But then came the Spirit in wind and in fire

And Peter got strong and his goals got higher

He preached to the crowds and they all understood him

And many were moved and decided to join in

That same Spirit is available to us

Where do you encounter it in a way that you trust?

In the smile from a friend or the beauty of nature 

In music, or paintings, or the pure sound of laughter?

The Spirit is in us. It’s all around

We need to pay attention if we want it to be found.

Hafiz askes, “What is it in that sweet voice inside?”

You know the one that causes you to hide

 What incites you most to fear?

Can you name the one that is most near?

Of course we fear and have many anxieties

The world is a mess and there’s too many tragedies

But those feelings don’t help us to deal with pain

Fear holds us back again and again.

What is it in that sweet voice inside?”

You know the one that sometimes causes you to hide?

What is it that incites you to fear?

Come on you can name it and kick it in the rear.

Our childish ideas of what’s wrong and what’s right

Need to be upgraded if we’re to see the light.

 Now it’s time to put on our big kid pants.

And when we get the message we’ll want to dance.

It’s this

You need to know that all that you do is sacred.

You can make mistakes and still be accepted.

 Why not consider a truce , Hafiz asks.

With yourself and with God-it’s really a pact.

We’re never ever perfect – not you and not me

and no one including God expects us to be.

This thought alone should help set us free.

What’s your fear? What keeps you awake?

What holds you back from adventures you’d take.

The Spirit is with us, inside you and me

And like Peter we can do and anything be.

That sweet voice inside that incites us to fear

Can be quieted, reasoned with, overcome it, my dear..

Fear not, said Jesus and then sent the Spirit

Of Wisdom and Strength and so listen and hear it

that you oh yes, you,

and everything you do

Is Sacred Is Holy

Believe it cause it’s true.