Living the Question of Faith

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Order of Worship

  Let us be as open vessels that God’s spirit may enter.

The Community Gathers:  Experience God’s presence in the assembly. Please greet one another with joy and welcome new friends into our community of love.

              You are welcome here…come and worship!

Focus:  Faith before doubt is correct belief.  Faith after doubt is compassion.                                                        Brian MacLaren 

Gathering Music:  

Welcome:                 Stephen Fox

Responsive Call to Worship: 

We gather as people on a journey.
We believe & we have doubts, we share love and  we fall short. 
We are imperfect humans, and still beloved by God.
Love and grace. Hope and faith. These are the essence of 
the one we call God.
We seek forgiveness & grace from the our God and 

from those we’ve harmed.

Assured of that grace, we are ready to grow again.
We yearn for a new way, a new perspective, and a clear path.

Though we are full of trust and full of doubt, we are here.

Opening Hymn:   


Gracious God, you who are with us always, we gather as your family this day to praise you for your goodness.  Blessed are you, the giver of every good and perfect gift.  We thank you for the gift of life, for family and friends, and for this church.  May we honor you in thought, word and deed.  May we walk in your pathways all the days of our lives, and dwell in your house forever.  We ask this in the name of your Son and our brother, Jesus.  Amen.

Lord’s Prayer:                       


Scripture: Job 9:1-8, Matthew 14:22-34               – Marti Odle

After the reading, you may respond, “Thanks Be to God”

Sermon:  Living the Question of Faith                 Stephen Fox

Sermon Response:  Meditation (by Michelle Currie)  -Michelle Currie

Musical call to Prayer:  (two times)  Hush now in quiet peace, be still your mind at ease. The Spirit brings release, so wait upon the Lord.

                                 Prayers of the People:                                    

Silent Prayers.                             Pastoral Prayer

Offertory:  Michelle Currie

Doxology:  Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise God all creatures here below. Praise God above ye heavenly hosts, Creator, Christ and Holy Ghost.  Amen.

Prayer of Dedication: 

Closing Hymn:  


Our lives are filled with struggles and suffering—
none of us is immune. The key to full life in Christ is not 
to rise above it, but to struggle together and help one another
along the way, knowing that God is with us in every moment.
This is service. If we seek to serve and lift one another up, 
committing to struggle together, together we will witness Christ’s glory.  May we go forth in Peace.

Response:   Amen

Recessional: Go in Peace

Go in peace and the peace of God be with you this day.
Go in peace and the peace of God be with you always.
celebrate and share the joy. Celebrate new life.
Go in peace and the peace of God be with you always

Thank you to Music Director and our Musician today, Michelle Currie & and to Stephen Fox for Leading Worship and Offering our Sermon.

Rev. Paula Norbert (207) 205-4951 or (

If you are interested in joining Union Church or would like to set up a time to meet with our Pastor, please contact Pastor Paula directly.  

Union Church website:  Church Address: Union Church, P.O. Box 344, B.P. ME.  04006. 

                                         A Prayer:

Holy God, we are tired. Our minds are heavy. Our hearts ache as we witness broad violence and try to make sense out of the 

senseless.  Hear our cries, oh Lord. Equip us to be instruments of healing. Enable us to be bearers of light in these dark days of 

despair. Impart peace to your people. 

                        Rev. Diane Moffert, Presbyterian Mission Agency