Holy Hospitality

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Order of Worship

            Let us be as open vessels that God’s spirit may enter.

The Community Gathers:  Experience God’s presence in the assembly. Please greet one another with joy and welcome new friends into our community of love.

          You are welcome here…come and worship!

Focus:  “True hospitality is marked by an open response to the dignity of each and every person.”                                          – Kathleen Norris

Gathering Music:  The Water Is Wide (Traditional/Arr. James Taylor) 

    -Michelle Currie

Responsive Call to Worship:     

One:                We may be thirsty and parched,

                        like an unwatered garden,

                        so we come into God’s presence:

All:                  The Divine One is a spring of water.

One:                We may be weary from worry and work

                        so we come into God’s presence:

All:                  The Holy One offers us Sabbath rest.

One:                We may be lost or confused

                        so we come into God’s presence:

All:                  The Wise One offers us welcome and guidance.

One:                We may be bent over with struggle or pain

                        So we come into God’s presence:

All:                  The Healing One empowers us to stand strong.

Opening Hymn:  God of Great and God of Small         #19  vs. 1-3


O God of all goodness,

you welcome us, forgive us and heal us. 

You seek us out from places where we have hidden from you.

You surround us with steadfast love and mercy.

Reveal yourself to us in this moment.

Let us know your presence so that we may bless you:

Bless you, O God!  Bless your holy name!  Amen.

Lords Prayer:                      

AwakeningI’m Still Drinking Water From the Well  (by Larry Petree)

                                                                                    -Michelle Currie

Scripture:  Hebrews 13: 1-8,15, 16: Luke 14:1, 7-14   -Caryn Firebaugh

Sermon:     A Beautiful Banquet                              -Rev. Paula Norbert

Sermon Response:  Meditative Instrumental ~ Michelle Currie

Musical call to Prayer:  (two times)  Hush now in quiet peace, be still your mind at ease. The Spirit brings release, so wait upon the Lord.

                              Prayers of the People                             

           Silent Prayers                             Pastoral Prayer

Offertory:  Simple Gifts (by Joseph Brackett)                      -Michelle Currie

Doxology:  Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise God all creatures here below. Praise God above ye heavenly hosts, Creator, Christ and Holy Ghost.  Amen.

Prayer of Dedication:           


Now let us go forth in God’s love,

Welcoming the stranger, sharing what we have with those we may not know, and living lives of abundant generosity and welcome. Amen.

Closing Hymn:  Here I Am, Lord                                    #69

Recessional: Go in Peace

Go in peace and the peace of God be with you this day.

Go in peace and the peace of God be with you always.

celebrate and share the joy. Celebrate new life.

Go in peace and the peace of God be with you always

Thank you to Music Director and Musician Michelle Currie.

Pastor’s Contact Info:  Rev. Paula Norbert (207) 205-4951 or


Church Leadership:
Moderator: Paul Schlaver

Clerk: Anita Coupe

Treasurer: Debbie Lamb

Mission Chair: Ken Murray

Deacons: Sharon Gaudin Chair; Eve McPheeters, Nancy Batchelor, Ardis Chretien, Bonnie Tallagnon, Beth Baskin

Trustees: John Comeau, Chair; Don Chretien, and Rob Harriman

Finance: Peter McPheeters, Chair, Debbie Lamb, Doug Firebaugh, Brad Coupe, and Bob Sherman

Music Director: Michelle Currie

Promotions Person: Anita Coupe

Webmaster: Wonderful Websites

Reflections from Walk in a Relaxed Manner: Life Lessons from the Camino by Joyce Rupp…

“Keep a Strong Network of Prayer Guardian of my soul,

guide me on my way today.

Keep me safe from harm.

Deepen my relationship with you,

your Earth, and all your family.

Strengthen your love within me

that I may be a presence of your peace

in our world. Amen”

“The true essence of humankind is kindness. There are other qualities which come from education or knowledge, but it is essential, if one wishes to be a genuine human being and impart satisfying meaning to one’s existence, to have a good heart. —The 14th Dalai Lama” “Thich Nhat Hanh said: “I am not running anymore; I have run all my life; now I am determined to stop and really live my life.