What Is Your Resurrection Story?

Happy Easter to each of you this morning.  We have come together to celebrate the joy of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our belief that new life indeed may break forth and give us hope and the promise of better days ahead.  It has been a wonderful start to spring here in Maine, a […]

Hearing the Call

Rev. Paula Norbert We have these lovely themes today…of waiting in silence for God, and of God’s call that goes out to Jonah, one the prophets in the Hebrew Scriptures, as well as to the early followers of Jesus who became his trusted companions on the journey of healing and hope. The passages from Jonah […]

Sweet Land of Liberty, Of Thee I Sing

Rev. Paula Norbert Each year, we remember Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and his work for civil rights, economic justice, and peace. His birthday was January 15th and so the decision to remember him with a national holiday always falls near that date each year. It was 1986 when this date was first observed for […]

God is Holding Us

Rev. Paula Norbert I want you to know that I began working on our Worship earlier this week, prior to the tragic events which took place on Wednesday, January 6th in our nation’s capital. I had already selected the readings and written some of my Sermon before that day unfolded. Like many pastors, I am […]

Shine On

Rev. Paula Norbert Epiphany: Matthew 2:1-12I want to wish you all a happy, healthy New Year. I know we bring our collective hopes and prayers to this moment and to this year ahead. We join with all those around the world who are hoping against hope for a far healthier, better year ahead when we […]

Love Is Shining

Rev. Paula Norbert It’s a most beautiful and holy night and we are lucky to be able to gather in this time and place, to be together in prayer and to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child, the Prince of Peace, Hope for the Nations, Son of God. We celebrate the gift of love […]

Peace is Still Possible

Rev. Paula Norbert “I Believe in the Light: Illuminating Peace”Synopsis (read at the beginning of worship): The “great light” which we will hear spoken of in the Isaiah reading this morning is echoed in the good news of John’s Gospel: the light that brings peace–that saves the people from all that would extinguish it–has been […]

A Personal Ode to Joy

Rev. Paula Norbert “I Believe in God: Ode to Joy”Synopsis : This week we turn to Luke’s writing which is an account in two acts: the Gospel biography of Jesus and then the story of the early church–the “Jesus community.” Whether you were a Jew or Gentile in those days, deciding to become a part […]

I Believe in Love: Daring Right Relationship

Rev. Paula Norbert Synopsis (read at the beginning of worship): In both the Gospel of Matthew and Isaiah, a messenger appears as a sign from God, heralding a new era. In each passage, we hear the words “do not be afraid” … offering a clue that the messenger–whether prophet or angel–was referencing something that induced […]

I Believe in the Sun: Hope for Tomorrow

Rev. Paula Norbert Isaiah 40: 1-11, Mark 1: 1-15 “Raise your voice… raise it; don’t be afraid!” – Isaiah 40:9 We gather today on this first Sunday of Advent to be together in prayer. I’m sure you have noticed that many in our local communities started decorating for the holidays early this year; I think […]